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I get A lot of emails asking how to create flash animations. Learning how to Animate with Flash can be a little tricky, so I created these free animation tutorials to help people who want to make a Flash cartoons and already have a basic understanding of program.  Also I'm give you a FREE character  (Blinky the eyeball character)  to use in you own animations and on your websites. Consider him my Free gift to you to help you find your way in animation. Please remember there are many different way to animate using flash, this is just one of the ways I do it. You must have Flash 9.0 to open the downloads. A free 30 day trail of flash can be found at adobe's web site. 

If you want to Request a lesson? just email me at Good luck and I hope these lesson help.

# Article Title
1 Lesson #1 "Live" Model Sheet
2 Lesson #2 Basic Walk Cycle
3 Lesson #3 Basic Run Cycle
4 Lesson #4 Stoping
5 Lesson #5 The Blow Up

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