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Lesson #5 The Blow Up Print E-mail
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Ok I know what you're thinking " I want to blow S*#t up" , Am I right? Let get to it. There are tons of different ways to blow stuff up so you have to ask yourself some questions about the object in question.

1. What consistency is the object? (solid matter, liquid, or both)
2. What's on the inside of the object? (organs, mechanical parts, etc)
3. What effect are you going for? (horror or comedy)

Asking yourself these questions will help you visualize what the explosion is going to look like before you start drawing.

Its really hard to explain in one lesson all the ways to go about blowing stuff up but I can tell you this: an explosion is a release of energy and I've have the best luck with some kind of contracting motion prior to the explosion. Also if your object has identifiable pieces (in this case hands, pupil, etc) make them the main pieces of the explosion. My final piece of advice in this lesson is that it helps on comical explosions to have a secondary piece fall back onto the object.

Explosions= contract+ hold + expand

If you want to learn how to blow a certain thing up, Just email me a request for a lesson I'll do my best to put one together for you.

If you're looking for a great example on the web of someone blowing things up like a balloons, check out, the guy is a master at it.

Also, The sounds in this file are from A1 free sound effects and are for non-commercial use, if you use them in a project of your own, please check out the site for terms of use first.


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